Safety is Our Top Priority

Windshield Replacement SafetThe auto glass installers at All-Star Auto Glass are thoroughly trained to understand and follow all possible safety precautions when replacing the auto glass in your vehicle. While all the glass in your car, truck, or SUV serve a purpose, the windshield is actually recognized by the federal government as a vehicle safety device - much like the air bag or seat belts. Your windshield is the first line of defense from road debris and plays a crucial safety roll in the event of an accident. For these reasons and more, extra care must be taken when replacing any windshield.

The extra steps All-Star Auto Glass installers take to ensure your safety are corners that many auto glass replacement shops choose to cut in order to increase their profit. Click here for a few safety points that all auto glass installers should follow.

Windshield Replacement Safety

The windshield in your vehicle does more than keep out nasty weather. It serves as a barrier protecting you from flying road debris, provides stability to the vehicle frame in the event of a roll-over accident, and provides resistance for the deployment of the passenger side air bag. These three properties have caused the federal government to rate the windshield as a safety device - just like your seat belts. In order for your windshield to perform when you need it, the glass must be installed to meet all available safety regulations.

While the government has rated the windshield as a safety device THERE ARE NO GOVERNMENT REGULATED SAFETY REQUIREMENTS for installing a windshield. This places the responsibilities for following safety protocols on the shoulders of your local windshield replacement shop.

Before you schedule service with any windshield replacement shop, be sure they follow or are at least aware of the following Windshield Replacement Safety Points.

Windshield Replacement Safety Points

A Clean Surface - After removing the old windshield, an installer should check the entire surface of the frame to ensure all old molding and adhesive has been completely removed.

Free of Rust and Corrosion - The vehicle frame should always be checked thoroughly for the presence of rust and/ or corrosion.

A Proper Fit - Windshield replacement shops that cut costs by buying cheap foreign glass can have issues with "true" dimension. A windshield that is off by an inch or more WILL be unsafe.

No Gaps, No Bubbles - Before installing the new glass, the fresh bead of adhesive should be checked thoroughly for gaps or bubbles. If found the adhesive should be removed and reapplied.